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Childhood Immunisations

At Wimbledon Private GP Clinic we provide the full range of childhood immunisations including those which are not available on the NHS. Immunising your child means that they are protected from serious diseases and their potentially devastating effects. Many of the diseases that your child can be immunised against have no cure so vaccination can prevent any unnecessary illness. Our experienced doctors, who perform the injections themselves, are able to provide you with all the latest information you require.

Childhood immunisations that are not available or limited availability on the NHS include:

Meningitis B

Meningitis B is a serious cause of life-threatening meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning) and the leading infectious killer of young children in the UK. Around 1,200 people, mainly babies and children, get meningitis B each year in the UK, with around 1 in 10 dying from the infection. Many of those who survive meningitis B suffer terrible permanent disability such as limb loss, brain damage and epilepsy. Meningitis B can affect people of any age, but is most common in babies and young children. (Source: NHS Choices)

The Meningitis B vaccine provides good protection against meningitis B infection and can be given from the age of 8 weeks onwards. Depending on age up to 2-4 doses may be required. Whilst it has been approved by the NHS it has limited availability.

Meningitis ACWY

Meningitis caused by the Meningitis W strain has risen sharply over the past few years and is currently responsible for one quarter of confirmed cases. Meningitis W has a higher rate of deaths compared with other strains and in February 2015 declared ‘a national incident’. The Meningitis ACWY vaccination provides good protection against the W strain and depending on age only one dose may be required.

Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is a common childhood illness that most children catch causing a rash of red, itchy spots that turn into fluid-filled blisters. The child may also have a temperature and symptoms of irritability and as they are infectious would need to be excluded from contact with other people. On occasions the disease may cause scarring or serious complications.

The chickenpox vaccine contains a small amount of weakened live varicella zoster virus. The vaccine causes your immune system to produce antibodies that will help protect against chickenpox. The vaccine can be given to children over the age of 1 year and two doses are required at least 6 weeks apart. Many countries including USA, Canada, Australia and many countries in Europe have the chicken pox vaccine as part of their childhood vaccination schedule.

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Fees (In addition to the vaccination fee there is a £35 injection/administration fee per visit during the week and £55 at the weekend. Written parental consent is required for all children’s vaccinations)
Vaccination Member Non Member
5 in 1 DTP/polio/Hib (3 doses, 1 month apart) £95 £105
Cervical Cancer Vaccination (HPV) - (2 doses, 6 months apart) £150 (each) £155 (each)
Chicken Pox (From 12 months-2 doses, 6 weeks apart) £80 (each) £85 (each)
(Fluenz nasal spray 2 yrs-18yrs) 
£65 (no injection fee) £65 (no injection fee)
Meningitis ACWY £60 £70
HIB/Meningitis C £75 £85
(from 6 months)
£45 (no injection fee) £55 (no injection fee)
Meningitis B
(2 to 4 doses depending on age)
£150 (each) £150 (each)
Meningitis C £35 £45
MMR £40 £50
Pneumococcal (3 doses) £75 £85
Pre school booster, Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio / Pertussis £65 £75
Rotavirus (2 doses, 4 weeks apart) £70 (each) £80 (each)

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