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Men's Health

In today’s busy world we understand that looking after one’s own health becomes a low priority. Men on average go to their GP half as often as women.

At Wimbledon Private GP Clinic we will take care of your health needs and concerns, consulting you at times that will have little impact on your daily schedule. Our dedicated doctors will able to deal with any health issues promptly before they could potentially become problematic and are experienced in dealing with male health issues including testicular problems, impotence, problems urinating, obesity, tiredness and lethargy, heart disease, alcohol and stress related problems and depression. In your confidential consultation we will endeavour to discover the cause of your health problem and provide the necessary treatment required and during our consultations we will also assess your current lifestyle and offer advice to ensure that you remain healthy.

Our health screens are designed to detect any potential diseases which may be developing and a risk assessment to provide an idea of how healthy you are. In a follow up review recommendations will be made and where appropriate medication prescribed. In our cancer screens we will assess for bowel, prostate and testicular cancer, whilst our healthy heart screen will provide a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment, including a stress echocardiogram with a consultant cardiologist, to detect for coronary artery disease.

Case review

Mr X was a 52 year old man who worked in the finance sector in the city. He developed a cough and mild fever which he put down to a cold he caught from his children. Over the next week the cough gradually became worse and he started coughing up some green sputum. He tried to get an appointment to see his GP before leaving for a business trip, but after waiting for over half an hour on the phone was told the next available appointment was in 2 weeks. On returning a few days later his cough had become worse and he was also suffering from night sweats and becoming short of breath on walking. He had lost his appetite and was feeling lethargic.

He contacted Wimbledon Private GP Clinic after discovering us on an internet search. He was offered a same day appointment and after consulting the doctor was immediately sent for chest x-ray and blood tests. The results which came back the same evening revealed an evolving pneumonia and the doctor performed a home visit to ensure he was prescribed the most affective antibiotic to treat his condition straight away. He was subsequently followed up after completing his medication to ensure that his condition had fully resolved.

There are many minor conditions which if not treated in time could potentially develop in to more more serious illnesses, leading to prolonged ill health, time off work and possible hospital admission. At Wimbledon Private GP Clinic we provide a fast and efficient service, prescribing the most suitable medication to ensure health problems are dealt with in a timely manner.

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