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Women's Health

At Wimbledon Private GP Clinic we provide a comprehensive women’s health service for all ages including managing and treating menstrual disorders, female hormone problems, pelvic pain, breast disease, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, STDs and family planning advice. Conditions commonly affecting women including anaemia (tiredness, lethargy, shortness of breath on exertion and hair loss), vitamin deficiencies (tiredness, lethargy, muscle weakness and bone pain), underactive thyroid (tiredness, lethargy, muscle ache and weight gain), irritable bowel (digestive problems), cystitis and kidney infections can be easily diagnosed and treated.

With the option of seeing a female doctor and on site access to blood tests, ultrasound scan facilities, smear and swab tests you can be reassured that you will receive a high quality service.

We also offer health and cancer screens to detect for cervical, ovarian, bowel and breast cancer and are able to arrange breast mammograms and ultrasounds if required.

We provide complete antenatal care including the Harmony test for Down Syndrome and other genetic abnormalities, ultrasound scans and referral to recommended delivery suites, should you wish for a more personalised pregnancy care at times more convenient to you.

For more complex cases or if you need surgical treatment we are able to refer you to the most appropriate private consultant gynaecologist to manage your condition further.

Case Review

Mrs S was a 45 year old lady, mother to 3 young children and worked full time. She complained of feeling tired all the time, lacked energy and drive which she initially put down to her busy schedule. She became frustrated at not being able to see her NHS GP on a regular basis and felt that she was being passed around different doctors and that there was rarely enough time with a doctor to fully discuss her problems and concerns.

Mrs S discovered Wimbledon Private GP Clinic after discussing her health problems with a friend who had been an annual member of the clinic for several years. During her first visit following a detailed consultation it became apparent that she was suffering from heavy periods which Mrs S always thought were normal. She underwent some blood tests which revealed that she was severely anaemic and an ultrasound scan performed on the same day showed the presence of fibroids, a benign uterine growth.

As she had private medical insurance she was referred to a private consultant gynecologist for further treatment and was seen the following day.
She decided to become an annual member and now sees the same doctor at every consultation and feels she has the time needed to address all her health concerns.

At Wimbledon Private GP Clinic we offer same day appointments which can be as long as you feel necessary to address your health needs. By seeing the same doctor we provide continuity of care and provide consultations at times suitable to you.

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If you are outside of these areas please call and we will try and accommodate you.

We also cover the following as part of a premier package: Cobham, Esher, Fulham, Weybridge, Richmond, Chelsea and Barnes.

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